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Below is a list of now published studies (as of October 20, 2017) that had pre-registered (a) hypotheses, (b) procedure and materials, and (in most cases) (c) a data analytic plan. We have more original empirical studies under review and in preparation. When I compiled this list I found it interesting that of the six original empirical pre-registered publications, three are in open access journals. We also are currently collecting data for a registered report involving videotaping lab based interactions between romantically involved partners. Our lab has also been active in conducting, and publishing, replication studies. We have published seven replication studies to date, including one Registered Replication Report including data from 16 independent labs. Four of these publications resulted from the group project in my graduate research methods course. Another publication (“Self-esteem, relationship threat…”) was conducted by all members of the lab and involved running over 200 romantically involved couples through a lab based manipulation, one couple at a time; it took one year to collect the data. Upon publication of this paper, however, we did receive our $1000 pre-registration challenge prize money and had a wonderful “lab night out”.

In my view the practice of pre-registration has been helpful in many ways, such as (a) helping clarify what we truly expect to emerge and what we simply think might happen, (b) making us ask ourselves why we are including each measure (why is it relevant/important?), (c) allowing us to develop our data analytic code while data is being collected because we already thought out our data analytic plan, and (d) making it easier to write the manuscript when we are finished given that we have already largely written the methods section, as well as written the rationale for our hypotheses and data analytic plan. I will let others judge if this practice has stifled our creativity (but look at this study, not yet published, before making your final judgement:

Note: links to the OSF project pages are located on the journal name.

Original Empirical Studies

Dobson, K., Campbell, L., & Stanton, S.C.E. (in press). Are you coming on to me? Bias and accuracy in couples’ perceptions of sexual advances. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Kohut, T., Balzarini, R.N., Fisher, W.A., & Campbell, L. (in press). Pornography’s associations with open sexual communication and relationship closeness vary as a function of dyadic patterns of pornography use within heterosexual relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Balzarini, R.N., Campbell, L., Kohut, T., Holmes, B.M., Lemiller, J.J., Harman, J.J., & Atkins, N. (2017). Perceptions of primary and secondary relationships in polyamory. PLoS ONE 12(5): e0177841.

Buyukcan-Tetik, A., Campbell, L., Finkenauer, C., Karremans, J.C., & Kappen, G. (2017). Ideal standards, acceptance, and relationship satisfaction: Latitudes of differential effects. Frontiers in Psychology, doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01691.

Campbell, L., Chin, K., & Stanton, S.C.E. (2016). Initial evidence that individuals form new relationships with partners that more closely match their ideal preferences. Collabra, 2(1), p.2. DOI:

Stanton, S.C.E., & Campbell, L. (2016). Attachment avoidance and amends-making: A case advocating the need for attempting to replicate one’s own work. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 67, 43-49.

In Principle Agreement (Registered Report)

Hahn, C., Campbell, L., Pink, J.C., & Stanton, S.C.E. (In principle agreement). The role of adult attachment orientation in information-seeking strategies employed by romantic partners. Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology.

Replication Studies

Babcock, S., Li, Y., Sinclair, V., Thomson, C., & Campbell, L. (2017). Two replications of an investigation on empathy and utilitarian judgment across socioeconomic status. Scientific Data 4, Article number: 160129, doi: 10.1038/sdata.2016.129

Balakrishnan, A., Palma, P.A., Patenaude, J., & Campbell, L. (2017). A 4-study replication of the moderating effects of greed on socioeconomic status and unethical behaviour. Scientific Data 4, Article number: 160120, doi: 10.1038/sdata.2016.120

Balzarini, R.N., Dobson, K., Chin, K., & Campbell, L. (2017). Does exposure to erotica reduce attraction and love for romantic partners in men? Independent replications of Kenrick, Gutierres, and Goldberg (1989) study 2. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 70, 191-197.

Campbell, L., Balzarini, R.N., Kohut, T., Dobson, K., Hahn, C.M., Moroz, S.E., & Stanton, S.C.E. (2017). Self-esteem, relationship threat, and dependency regulation: Independent replication of Murray, Rose, Bellavia, Holmes, and Kusche (2002) Study 3. Journal of Research in Personality.

Cheung, I., Campbell, L., & LeBel, E.P., …Yong, J.C. (2016). Registered replication report: Study 1 from Finkel, Rusbult, Kumashiro, & Hannon (2002). Perspectives on Psychological Science, 11, 750-764.

Connors, S., Khamitov, M., Moroz, S., Campbell, L., & Henderson, C. (2016). Time, money, and happiness: Does putting a price on time affect our ability to smell the roses? Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 67, 60-64.

LeBel, E.P., & Campbell, L. (2013). Heightened sensitivity to temperature cues in highly anxious individuals: Real or elusive phenomenon? Psychological Science, 24, 2128-2130.

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